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Nowadays the majority of avid internet users run a blog but what you and a lot of people (even intermediate users) still don’t understand is how to SEO your blog.

A huge proportion of bloggers tend to be deterred from a the lack of traffic to their blogs as you yourself may have experienced in the past. Whether your use WordPress, Blogspot or any other platform it always seems to be the same story.

Today however, I will be showing you a few simply steps so that you can SEO your blog appropriately. Also let me just say that WordPress SEO is pretty much the same as Blogspot SEO as the search engines only look for specific things, not your platform.

How to SEO your blog

Firstly I cannot stress that every other site that has told you that you need unique content is not lying. When search engines such as Google and Bing scour the internet they are looking for unique content and any copied or unoriginal content is flagged, this really isn’t hard to do for Google and if you think you can outwit this billion dollar firm then by all means continue to try and fail. You must remember that you are trying to SEO your blog, not penalize it.

Secondly I’d like to add that you need to put your exact keyword in both your URL and the title of your website otherwise, the search engines are going to stroll on past your website as it has not be optimized or they will simply rank you for something obscure. Don’t try and “robotize” your titles, you should still make them attractive, search engines are designed to pick out keywords from titles. If you run a fashion blog, don’t simply entitle your post “Fashion 2014“, give it some creativity and appeal not only to the search engines but also to the human traffic… You could instead entitle it “What’s Hot in Fashion 2014” in order to better SEO your blog.

Try and put your keywords at the start of some of the paragraphs in your articles and also as the end. Making them bold, italic or underlined also pops out your keywords to search engines so you can efficiently SEO your blog.

How to SEO Images on your blog

I see this mistake made day in and day out on even some of the largest websites. Google images is a brilliant way to funnel traffic and another great way on how to SEO your blog.

Methods such as adding your keywords to the title and alt attributes of the images not only make your site better in terms of adding hover over captions but also allows Google to file them appropriately in their images engine.

An additional way to SEO a blog via images is to give the image an appropriate file name; by appropriate I mean put your keyword in it (remember to use “-“‘s not “_”‘s for spaces other wise Google will assume there are no spaces in the image’s file name).

Blog SEO via Headings

Make use of <h1>, <h2> and <h3> tags, these are another type of essential blog SEO that Google and similar search engines are scouring the web for. Not only does headings provide you with better blog SEO but it is also good practice for aesthetics and user experience, especially if users are referring back to your articles in the future.

You must also remember that simply using <h*> tags isn’t a secret remedy to optimizing your website for keywords; you must include your keywords in your headings. Try not to keyword spam your website though, taking from before, try to “cloak” your keywords in your headings so instead of just headering your section “Blog SEO“, take from this article for example, try and header your section appropriately by putting “Blog SEO via Headings“. This will be deemed more human by search engines and also open up new avenues from traffic should people actually search for “SEO via headings“.


I really appreciate your read and I hope that this article will/has aided you in your webmaster experience.

Now that you have a few new SEO tricks up your sleeve, you should go an implement them. Please bare in mind that these methods are white-hat therefore it may take some time for search engines to actually find your content before it indexes it, you shouldn’t be deterred by this and you should keep releasing new high quality content with the appropriate headings, titles and tags if you really want to better SEO your blog.

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