revo uninstaller

How to Remove Software’s|Programs from Registry Completely

Software’s, by which the virtual world is filled with. If you search for a software with a specific task, then you have in front tons of software’s. But you can’t say which one is right before installing and using it. At the time of uninstalling software or program, it . The software’s files does exist [...]

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WiFi hotspot

Get Internet from my Android Mobile to my Laptop|Computer

Everybody is connected to the Internet(almost) from their so-called . In most of the developed countries, people are connected to the Internet through WiFi in most probably their house or streets. But everybody doesn’t have a WiFi router and hence we try different mediums to connect the laptop or Computer to the Internet. I even [...]

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How to create Single account Name on Facebook

Hi fellas. Today i will be explaining . An apology for our readers for being inactive for 2 weeks. We assure you that in future you would be entertained with our High Quality blog posts. Facebook skids always try for different jinx in the social media path to create a light with other media members. [...]

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How To Get Any Domain Free For 1 Year

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to show you how to get a free domain for 1 year. How Does It work: There is a website which offers a free domain worth 10$ to anyone who writes a website review for them. So all you need to do is got to their website and [...]

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mark zuckerberg image

Hey there, he is Mark Zuckerberg!

    If I could be anything in this world then I would choose to be an emperor. And I believe many other people will most likely choose to be one. Everyone loves power. Without a shadow of a doubt, ruling over someone is the most amazing thing that you can ever do. Having your [...]

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right click page source

How to view Page Source of a Website which blocks Right Click

There are some websites which think that disabling right click will protect their content. They actually prevent images which are copyrighted but visitors may find it convenient and would use for their own profitable purpose. Disabling right click limits people who don’t have any idea about all this extra terrestrial options of internet and websites. [...]

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How to Add btcache in uTorrent [Finding a lost Coin]

Finding a lost coin, that’s what I should consider for now. Btcache is an anonymous(may be) torrent server which can boost your torrent downloading speed from . Surprisingly, this situation happens with me for most of the downloads. This discussion has been brought to light cause many torrent users are getting insane download speed through [...]

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email tracking

Know When was Your Sent Email Read at the Reciever Side

Individuals and Employees use Email Service everyday and send tons or more emails a month related to their job. Why only employees, everybody uses email services. A person sends an email and when the reply comes back from the recipient, then the sender knows that my message has be sent successfully.  Did you ever wanted [...]

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sleeping in class

How to Pay Attention in Class during Lectures

      Sitting in the class, probably on the last row and still wish to understand what your professor keeps on explaining the students about? Well, this happens with me until i said to myself ”. Getting internally motivated is really important for students for serious attention during lectures. In this post, i will [...]

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Play CheeseMan Game Online for Free

    CheeseMan a midget but popular game which is programmed by Hicham Allaoui, a senior game programmer for a game creation company. This game was created on December 2011 and no update has made till now which clearly states that they don’t want to cope with CheeseMan Free. The game is simple and its [...]

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